WAKE UP . KICK ASS . BE KIND . REPEAT .I think this will be my new morning mantra. I love that in each of our professions we have to be tough and go out there to kick butt and that at the same time we have to be kind and compassionate.
You can be driven and focused but without stomping all over others. You can reach for your goals while doing it with love and sincerity. I’m seeing more and more people embrace this balance that once seemed like a contradiction to me.

It can often be a harsh world out but we don’t make things any better by becoming harsh ourselves in an effort of self preservation. When you meet harshness, treat it with love. If someone is unkind to you they are probably the ones the most in need of kindness.

Infuse kindness into everything you do. My top tip I tell my children is to listen more, use your ears and then your eyes to observe everyone and everything. Be patient, from the way you deal with the sales assistant to that difficult email you have to write to someone. People always feel the intention behind your actions so choose them wisely. Choose your words wisely and don’t be to quick to judge or react, remember its a BIG world out there and it costs nothing to be KIND and COMPASSIONATE.

Also, how much are you loving this print by Maiko Nagao (purchase it here,) styled by @inarosetaupe?

Hope your all having a wonderful Monday!
Nicola x