Hi Entrepreneur,

It’s the FESTIVE season and it’s at this time of year people are much more receptive to a greater frequency of emails, and there is (in general) high spirits and therefore lots of scope for you to send out a higher volume of communications than normal.

I always advise when coaching many businesses, why not take advantage of the festive period by creating a variety of offers, campaigns and using different send times?

Here are my top 10 ideas for Christmas Promotions you can use today!

1. Naughty or Nice Lists Sent Via Email (“Want to be on our nice list? Follow us on Facebook”)

2. New Year’s Resolutions – Promoting your new features or how you’ve improved your service in 2013.

3. A ‘Thank You’ Christmas email with a photo of your staff and your shutdown times / last sales dates.

4. A chance to come meet you / visit your offices for a mulled wine and a mince pie close to Christmas where you can build relationships.

5. A chance to create or email you a wish list that can be won – this can be promoted on social media.

6. A festive survey where customers can win a Christmas hamper for responding

7. A Christmas Giveaway Email series – running along the ’12 days of Christmas’ (eg from the 12th-23rd December)

8. A ‘Hide The Pudding’ promotion on your website, complete with daily email clues.

9. A chance to win a high value prize, with their chances doubled if they subscribe, follow on twitter AND leave a Facebook comment.

10. An email of a ‘This time last year’ infographic showing how you’ve improved in one year since Christmas 2016.

This is a great time to get out lots of fun, unique content to get people engaging at the best time of year for sales.

Do you have any successful Christmas campaigns? Email me – @ hello@nicola-evans.com with the subject #ChristmasIdeas

Best Wishes