I’ve noticed recently that stylish offices are a real obsession at the moment, maybe because it’s my turn to turn a blank white room into my NEW creative space!

It just takes a few minutes on Pinterest to see that almost everyone wants an inspiring work space whether you are an entrepreneur spending your days at your desk, a mum wishing for a retreat to a bureau to jot down your daily thoughts and memories, or if you just use it to pay the bills once a month. In my case, I spend most of my week coaching and mentoring like a maniac or being a mum so it’s so important my office space will be super inspiring. The pic’s below are my major #officegoals but I’ve noticed that you don’t have to do a total revamp of your work space to improve it. Subtle changes like updating the paint colour, cleaning up clutter or adding pieces that reflect your personality and passions can make all the difference in the world.

Please share your ideas below in the comments as I’ll be doing my office MOOD board this weekend and would love any further inspiration!