Let Today be the day you give up who you’ve been to who you can become…


Nicola has a passion for people and a passion for business – the perfect recipe for a great mentor. She is a dreamer – but a dreamer who achieves and excels her goals.

If you have a business dream, goal or idea, but don’t know where to start or don’t have the confidence to see it through, then Nicola can help. She is an ardent supporter of women entrepreneurs and loves nothing more than empowering and coaching women. As a mumpreneur herself, she knows the challenges that women face in the world of business. Juggling home and work life is a constant battle, but one that can be overcome, as Nicola proves.

Through her network marketing business Nicola mentors her team day in day out, growing her networking family, increasing her teams’ incomes and coaching them to accomplish their life and business goals. She is also developing and expanding a toy brand which is on sale in some of the most prestigious stores in the UK and globally.

As Nicola explains;

“Building a business, whatever it is, isn’t easy. It takes determination, drive and passion. Most entrepreneurs already have these attributes, but finding a way to focus them in the right way can be difficult. I have built up many successful businesses and have made my fair share of mistakes along the way, but reaping the benefits when it works is what drives me. I love business, I love seeing people achieve their goals and I love helping them along the way.”

Nicola’s proven record includes helping clients to:
–  Significantly increase their income
–  Become a top performer in their field
–  Start a business
–  Lose weight, improve health and increase energy

And much, much more….

Network Marketing


Network Marketing is the BIG WAVE of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average Joe Bloggs.

Finding the right business model was my mission. To work part time hours and earn a full time income, a model that would fit around all current commitments yet give us the lifestyle and financial freedom was a must.

It cost me just £199.75 to get me started a huge difference to the thousands of pounds outlay I had put into many of my other successful businesses.

Like all NEW businesses time and effort is required. I’m not a risk taker so I did my research and what I found was a stable, cash rich, totally debt free global opportunity. I took it seriously as £199.75 or £250,000 – it’s the same to me, it was a serious venture that could bring me and my family all of the things we spoke about at Christmas when making wishes or writing down our New Years Resolutions.

Our family dream’s were simple; to have mum home more, have no financial worries and to enjoy more travel. Unwind, switch off, be present with our children. Holidays, ‘Centre Parc’s, Skiing and Florida every year please mummy’ was the response from my boys! It was the TIME they craved and this is why Network Marketing has worked for me.

After almost 2 years of hard work and determination I now earn more than 10 times my full time business wage, travel the world all expenses paid, I have a willable income ensuring I have a legacy for my children and their children and am totally debt free.

Helping others to do what I have done is by far the most rewarding part of building a network marketing business. Its a simple proven business model that I coach and teach others to learn and do exactly the same.

I’m extremely excited about the future and if you’re inspired by these achievements, why not be part of my team where you will be coached and mentored in your new business? If you’re willing to work hard to achieve your dreams, passionate about success and have a positive mindset, I would love to hear from you!