“Your imperfections make you human ~ Your humanity makes you influential…”


When Nicola stands up before an audience her words inspire, excite and enthuse. She leaves listeners wanting more, wanting to work harder and wanting to emulate her success. She is engaging, passionate and honest.

Nicola is now one of the leading entrepreneurial guest speakers in the UK. She has spoken before audiences of thousands all over the world and has driven many more into achieving and excelling their business goals.

Nicola is approachable, candid and friendly speaking style means that she is always a hit on stage. Audiences who listen to Nicola say how well she conveys her story, her beliefs and her drive. She wears her enthusiasm on her sleeve and it is a trait that translates well in any forum. She is a real people person and that comes across when she speaks publicly. Anyone listening to what Nicola has to say will hear from a normal working mother who is achieving amazing things.

She will motivate, encourage and give real-life advice on how the listeners can accomplish their business aspirations. She makes people want to work, she makes people want to excel and she makes people ambitious.

Nicola can speak from her own experience, on a wide range of subjects, including:
• Women in business
• Juggling business and family life
• Entrepreneurship
• Manufacturing and trademarking
• Marketing
• Business inception and development
• Network marketing
• Motivation
• Business transformation
• Retail
• Business start ups.

Ready to make big things happen?