Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that making mistakes is A-OKAY. In fact, it’s all part of the human experience don’t you agree?. As this quote says, it’s proof that we are trying at least. I don’t know why we are so afraid of mistakes. As if making one means that we are less worthy or that we will never ever succeed.
If we try to make our life mistake free we are also blocking ourselves from all the amazing experiences it has to offer us. If honest I used to be very scared of making mistakes (still am at times). The perfectionist in me would be so harsh that if I did try and fail, my internal dialog was not a a very nice one. And then one day I decided that had to change, it was the day I decided I was going to design, retail and manufacture my very own doll company, having no experience in design, manufacturing, retail, accountancy, well being totally honest, NO experience at all in running a large enterprise. You see I didn’t go to university I was a young mum at the age of 19, who was I to believe this dream would succeed? One thing I did believe was that I was hard working, loved to learn new skills and had incredible passion and determination so isn’t that all you need to start any new project in life?

In the last 5yrs I alongside my beautiful friend Lisa have built a global doll company which now features on the shelves in many large well known retailers all around the globe.

Did we make mistakes? YES

Did we experience failiure? YES

Did it hurt? YES

Did we quit? NO

We learnt to LOVE the No’s and let them fuel us, to learn from them and how we could become better. Increase our knowledge, become an expert in our field, learn from those who were succeeding and from the mistakes they had made. Little did I know this was the learning foundations to prepare me for what came next, “my LITTLE part time thing” that now turns over 6 times that of my traditional doll company.

When I decided to start another part time business alongside Bonnie and Pearl in network marketing it wasn’t an easy decision, I already worked 60-80hrs+ a week but like all traditional businesses in their startup period the first people to get paid are the suppliers and the last person to get paid is yourself. Where was I going to find another 5hrs a week without sacrificing my family time to start up a new project on the side? These were the questions I asked myself but I knew we had a need in our family for extra income of at least £500+ a month I therefore was open to looking at something that would provide me and my family the flexibility, a soon to be full time income working very part time hours, a residual income that was also willable and I knew the person that had shown me the opportunity was dedicated to help coach and mentor me to achieve my goals.
Many friends didn’t support me in starting my new venture at first, they didn’t see my vision. People judged me, told me I was crazy and again it would never work. Why did I need to do another project? How would I fit it in? I was always so busy where would I find the time? Questions many asked me.

I felt sad at first that friends wouldn’t want to support me in anything I chose to do, after all isn’t that what friends are for? I felt many emotions, firstly I wondered if people would wonder why I would do another business when Bonnie and Pearl was really starting to grow globally and how I would feel being open about having ‘just that aloe business’ when I was the director of a no 1 doll selling business.

This wasn’t a MISTAKE this was my best decision to date for both myself on a personal level and more importantly for our family. The mistakes I learnt along the way, the mistakes learnt from others, the global contacts I made and worked alongside have brought me to this stage in my life now gifting all my skills to those who wish to earn an extra income just like I did.  The team is rapidly expanding and earning incomes they only dreamt of whilst giving them precious time with loved ones, family and friends.


(A great privilege was being asked to share my story on an all expenses paid trip to Costa Navarino in Greece to 3000 business owners, check out my dollies on the big SCREEN, a very proud moment I will cherish forever. Pardon the pun)

Another mistake we first thought at age 19 and 20 when my husband and I became parents was soon to become one of our greatest achievements. Our son Joshua has started studying business in Cardiff university in September 2016, his fee’s fully paid with my “little part time thing” has brought us huge piece of mind and of course financial freedom. The greatest achievement is to stand tall and be proud of our son and having raised one fine, handsome, intelligent young man when really we were still children ourselves. Joshua now gets to see business first hand and seeing that not only his mum being a professional network marketer but also Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Antony Robbins some of his favourite business guru’s alongside of course both his aunty and uncle both former police officers is something money can’t buy. The world is his oyster and Im proud to be showing him not the 9-5 way. Our mini MISTAKE turned out to be our PROUDEST mistake

.  (Boxing Day, Christmas 2016 at The Celtic Manor Resort. Joshua age 18 my handsome GIANT)

If we just live life on the sidelines watching others take the risks we don’t open ourselves to all the magic that can unfold. It’s almost as if there is someone watching over us who wants to reward those that have the courage to try, sometimes fail and then get back up again. Learn to love yourself and your mistakes. Celebrate the courage you have to at least be in the arena and giving it your best shot.

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