It won’t kill you?


It’s my HAPPY pill and so easily can be yours.

People judge very easily, “it’s ok for her she’s naturally small”…. My family will tell you I have always loved to switch off by working HARD and having a FOCUS to keep myself fit healthy and confident. Is it easy, gosh NO. Is it worth it? YES YES YES

When you walk in to a business pitch feeling great because your bum cheeks aren’t wobbling as much as they were the week before or the bingo wings are tight and not rubbing your bra, ITS worth it.
For me it helps me to feel confident and is my guilty pleasure.

Everything in life is not given to us on a plate. I work hard and need to feel on top form to be the best business mentor/entrepreneur, wife and also the best MUM I can be.

I don’t know about you but in our house when I’m happy the whole household is happy, when mum’s down the whole household is down. Is this the same for you?

I’m also in a house full of testosterone so EXERCISE, sweating switching off and feeling FEMALE is VITAL for my sanity.

I use to feel GUILTY for having time for me. It takes time and effort to think about yourself, but TIME out doing things that make you look and feel good for us females is important.

Contrary to what you may believe were not born knowing how to exercise, run, squat or do a burpee.

We are not born knowing how to make an omelette, drive a car, lift a dumbbell.

These are SKILLS developed over time.

My children will tell you my favourite quote in the house, ‘A skill is a learnt ability’. There is no such word as CAN’T

You’re not born knowing what chemicals make hydrogen, what formula can solve an equation so go REVISE boys.

SO go TRAIN ladies and gentleman!

Get in that GYM learn new skills, NEW eating HABITS

HABIT’s are formed and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the word. Its all about forming habits.

I LOVE feeling good in my clothes and like any working busy mum we neglect ourselves and can very easily from one week to the next develop bad eating and exercise habits

Eating the left over children’s FOOD or missing the GYM/exercise class as there’s a pile of ironing to do or bed’s that need changing and floors than need cleaning. Driving to the petrol station and not being able to resist the packet of munchies at the till point. Thats me a complete sugar addict. I love a packet of chocolate munchies but being honest after munchies almost every day over 3 months your body decides to hold those munchies in places where we don’t want so then comes to the time where we decide its time to shift it to then repeat the process again in 3 months time. A vicious circle that I have become accustomed too.

I recommend you get out your DIARY my favourite diary is My ProPlanner and they also do a FIT EDITION check it out but remember in  your diary to prioritise YOU, (check out my DIARY post with a great highlighter technique) Tell the family what you have planned and prepare them for the week ahead.

Whether a fitness class as part of a group, personal training session, watching you tube exercises and following, a home fitness DVD, do something that makes you SMILE and that you enjoy. Make it fun and not a CHORE.

KEEP checking in or follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagam where I’ll be sharing all of my FAVE exercise TIPS and RECIPES that are quick easy and for everyone.

Just before I head off to my first ever pilates class I thought I would share my amazing sisters results after following our record breaking FIT programme that I support and coach my clients.


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Let’s get organised!