Nicola always dreamt of designing, manufacturing and retailing luxury dolls…


Growing up Bonnie, Nicola’s beloved doll, was part of her family, her best friend, and her confident. She wanted to recreate the love she felt for Bonnie for today’s children.

A chance visit to a doll shop in America reignited her dream. Nicola popped into the store and was transported back to her childhood, where Bonnie and Nicola went searching for fairies at the bottom of the garden and had daily tea parties with her teddies.

By now Nicola had two sons of her own and was increasingly concerned that her children were surrounded by so much technology that they didn’t get the chance to use their imagination and create their own worlds of play.

She came back to the UK determined to set up a doll company that inspired imagination and creativity and that’s exactly what she did.

In 2008, along with her long term friend Lisa Pearce-Bridgeman, Bonnie and Pearl was born.
Nicola sold her home and, after extensive market research, set about designing, manufacturing and retailing the dolls.

In December 2013 they opened a Bonnie and Pearl pop up shop in St David’s Centre, in Cardiff. It was a huge success not only financially, but also picked up three retail awards.

On a trip to London with her first prototypes Nicola took one of her dolls to Harrods to see how they would look on the shelves of the Knightsbridge store. When asked by a sales assistant what she was doing she replied that within two years Harrods would be selling Bonnie and Pearl dolls. The sales assistant walked off bemused. True to her word, Harrods is now a major stockist of Bonnie and Pearl.

Bonnie and Pearl dolls are also on sale in The Toy Store in Oxford Street, which also houses the Bonnie and Pearl dolly salon.

Bonnie and Pearl also has an extensive furniture and clothing range and has big expansion plans, including a move into the Middle East. A Catherine and Charlotte doll were presented to Prince William as gifts for Princess Catherine and Princess Charlotte at the end of 2015. A picture of the presentation was featured extensively in the national press.