MY NEW LOVE…. I’m blushing pink everyday!

From fashion to home style, soft pink has been popping up all over the place during the past few seasons and this soothing hue seems here to stay for a while from what we can see. I’m totally in LOVE and my wardrobe, home and garden have all been spritzed much to the disgust of my 2 boys and hubby!

Pink works so well right now probably in part thanks to the monochrome trend in interior design and personal style. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see major proof that all black, all white or all grey is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle! Although I am infatuated with the simplicity of these neutral tones, we can sometimes be in need of a little injection of life, and soft pink is just what the fashion doctor ordered.

I also think its my excuse to add the PINK to a very male dominated household as it’s now not enough to just wear the pink but to add to our very GREY & WHITE monochrome home.

Some people will be bold enough to wear soft pink head to toe while others prefer it in smaller doses, choosing just one clothing item or accessory. For the home, the trick to make pastel pink look fresh (i.e. not like grannie’s house) is to opt for clean and modern pieces.

Follow my instagram to see how I will be adding this to my NEW garden project over next few weeks!

Happy Thursday!