I’ve been picking my brains with MY TOP 4 productivity tips for busy mum/dad entrepreneurs who START their Monday’s dreading the WEEK ahead. I hope it helps…

1. Make mornings your ME-time.

I start each day with a shower and 5 minutes of SILENCE. 4 months ago I read “My Miracle morning” it has given me new daily rituals that actually work. My mornings are a special time for me to nuture creativity and take control of my day.
I also use this special morning time to write down my three daily gratitudes and my three daily goals in my PRO PLANNER.

Morning is the time we all need to take for ourselves, don’t be a busy fool and get that phone out and scroll through newsfeed. Don’t look at emails or start the washing. Reconnect with your DAY, use the TIME to get organized in your head. Make it SPECIAL ME time, it’s when we think about our day and what we want to get from it, family- and business-wise. We have a lot going on and this is how we start to make it all happen. Take the TIME out.

2. Live by your to-do lists.

As a business owner, wife and mother, I play multiple roles. Staying organized is key, I live by lists. I create lists for everything, my friends will tell you. I do it on a regular basis, like shopping, events, family planning, writing, marketing processes and product creation. Whatever it is big or small if it’s in my world, it’s on my list.

Highlighters are my FAVOURITE friends, I use a highlighter to mark off completed tasks, this helps me keep track of my progress. Once my top three goals are accomplished, I’m relieved and not stressed about anything else on my lists.

REMEMBER only have a MAX of 6 things on your list at one time. The rest of the list can be moved to the next day.

A top tip is to text ‘to-do lists’ to family and business colleagues every night so that you can start the next day strong. I also have a team of over 450 people that I communicate with often. So lists help me to communicate clearly and support all the KEY business owners in my organization.

As a mum entrepreneur we are creating a map of our LIFE for our children to be able to follow and add their creativity too. We therefore need things we can cross off our lists for our lives, our businesses and our kids.
Do a daily brain dump with every single thing you need to do and get it out of your head. You’ll feel so much better after, I promise.

3. Plan your diary one week in advance.

Getting the balance right between family and business is key and getting into a daily regime will most certainly give you the sense of BALANCE.

To do that, on Sundays, I plan out my entire week, personally and professionally. I teach my team to do the same.
I appreciate we sometimes won’t know everything that will take place, so START with a THEME.

My theme STARTS like this…

PINK highlighters for FAMILY / PERSONAL TIME –  my role as a mum is my priority so I ensure I don’t miss a thing. I put in all our family events, school activities, hobbies etc first as these take priority. Personal time for GYM and SELF-CARE takes priority for at least 6-7hrs a week, time to refuel and be the best you can be.

YELLOW highlighters for BONNIE AND PEARL TIME – my role as director of Bonnie and Pearl Ltd is so important to me. I ensure my time is PLANNED to perfection and I get a lot of work actioned in the time designated. Designing NEW clothing range, sourcing new materials, managing the day to day business roles is easy when all the other elements to your life are organised and have their TIME booked in.

GREEN highlighter for NETWORK MARKETING – helping others to build a business with secure full time incomes working part time hours is something I’m incredibly passionate about. I PUT 10-15hrs a week into my schedule for my MENTOR role. It goes into the DIARY in a lush GREEN highlighter, the children know that when mum is in green time it’s OCCUPY themselves time as PINK time will be coming up. This leads me on to my favourite TIP – NO GUILT

4. Banish the MUM guilt.

As mums, we’re the main CARER’s, COMFORTERS in the family. We’re the ones nurturing all the time and its often we feel like we can’t step back from that and do something for ourselves.
Whilst travelling I often felt so guilty that I wasn’t there for them.

After 2 years, I finally figured out that they’ll be OK. They know mum’s plan, the family plan, they know on a Sunday when we share our weekly forthcoming plan what’s in place and that were all working with it.

We have a yearly GOAL board that is up on our wall and they can then see and be reminded of why mum and dad are working so hard. They play a huge part in our aspirations and can see with hard work comes reward. We’ve seen a huge change in our boys confidence and self-belief since starting this tradition 3 yrs ago, I highly recommend.

Every New Year’s Day we put a family goal board together, the boys choose a family holiday destination and have to explain the reasons why, what memories they will wish to make and 2 things to do there.

The boys also CHOOSE 2 goals each that they wish to accomplish by December 31st. It’s a great FAMILY tradition that we LOVE.

Communication is KEY of course. You will note that as part of the plan, and to become more productive personally, you will have to learn how to say NO to some business-related things so you can be there for your children. This gets easier, trust me.

Don’t beat yourself up, like we mothers/fathers do. It’s all about choices and making better ones based on where you need to be and what you need to focus on at that particular moment, at work and at home. You might feel like you’re failing so much, I did for a long time, but, as you master your plan and get more done, you’ll see you’re really succeeding. It feels GOOD!

Happy Monday