Being aware…

Of the importance of the choices we make each and every day is vital to living healthy + happy. We often hear ourselves saying “where did the time go?!” which is when we are living unconsciously, not present in the moment! . Being in the present moment is when we are living consciously and we are able to make decisions based on our values and goals.

I posted in my private fitness support group this morning about the fact that I’ve been choosing my morning workouts over doing my simple womanly chores such as washing and a full blow dry of hair because that’s more important to me. This may sound peculiar to many but my current work life balance  requires me getting up early to have gratitude time, helping global teams and being mum) has brought me to make certain choices in where I wanted to dedicate my time in the morning.

Blow drying and styling my hair takes a good 30 mins along with a clean around the family home adds on another 45 mins and I’d rather prioritize my health and workout (happy days and thank goodness for dry shampoo and beach salt spray). I know the daily rituals that keep me grounded like meditation, exercise and eating healthy so I plan my life to have ensure I have enough time to dedicate to these.

My laptop and internet has become somewhat stuck to my side and of course my black hole which is so easy to get sucked into. Unfortunately Im sure many will agree it doesn’t always have value to add (I’ve not watched TV for 3yrs, but partial to a good box set with the husband to switch off). When choosing to focus your energy and time on something or someone, think about what it will bring to you and if it’s aligned with your core values.

Wishing you a fabulous day, be conscious and choose what matters most. Remember to cut out the clutter that doesn’t matter and be present every day in every moment!