Earn more than your BOSS, CEO, DIRECTOR, really?

Im a director of a large manufacturing company a traditional business where there are key people, targets, overheads etc
The Directors, Managers, leaders we always earn the MOST and the staff can never earn more than their BOSS.

It’s just the WAY it is, right?


2yrs ago I came across an opportunity called Network Marketing where people could earn more than the SO CALLED BOSS alongside their current commitments.
The funny thing I found was in Network Marketing you don’t have a boss, your actually your OWN boss, but you do have a mentor and YES you can earn more than your mentor. This BLEW my mind.

An UNCAPPED income! Really?

Even Richard Branson DOES it, so I knew it was something to take a good look at.


Im certainly not a risk taker so whilst LOOKING and fishing for more info I GOT HOOKED!

What I found was its all about CHOICES

Life is full of choices. The home you choose to live in, the car you choose to drive, the food you choose to eat, the clothes you choose to wear, the places you choose to visit, the people you choose to work with, the friends you choose to play and have fun with!

Key words in our #eaglesteam

So much fun that many people who join the team that I coach to build their own business NOW EARN MORE THAN ME!

YES, its true, can you believe it?

Are you looking to earn an EXTRA £200 – £2000+ a month?
Work part time for a full time income?
Be part of the fastest growing team in the world?

Start a business for yourself not by yourself?

Make a choice today to never let an opportunity pass you by! .

If you are interested to learn more it would be great to hear from you!