Balancing Family & Business The Right Way

by | Mar 11, 2016 | 0 comments

Are we just busy fools sometimes?

I thought multi tasking was something to be proud of, especially when your juggling being a mum, full time director and professional network marketer.

It’s not. FOCUS on one thing at a time and do it well.

I’ve learnt to prioritise and never ever put more than 6 things on your TO DO list. Number them in order of most important and don’t cross over. Us mum’s – because we can multi task we tend to jump to do 2 at the same time. DON’T, just try and complete one and move on to next.
People often ask me how on earth do you do it? Your 90mph! Where do you get your energy from?

I don’t know whether that is a good or bad thing. Do they think they can’t be like me? Am I super human.

I really have had to master being a PRO at all 3 roles and now enjoy helping others with their time management.

Well 3 roles? I missed out the wife, friend, carer, lover, neighbour, confidante…  I’m sure many of you can relate to this, we forget all our roles and wonder why we’re exhausted at the end of the day. I still feel I have so much to learn and often find myself reading successful entrepreneurs biographies and blogs for their top tips.

But am I still missing something?

One thing I have found I have in common with those I admire is passion, love and work ethic.

I feel so passionately about my children, my businesses and wanting to help others. I LOVE what I do each day as no 2 days are the same. Never the same 9-5 log in log out, that’s the beauty of having a network marketing business and a dolly business that is so creative that I get to be a GIRL and throw off all the testosterone from living with 3 men.

My work ethic is INSANE as I have the biggest goal-board with dates and times and I know what I have to do to achieve it. So yep, I can give myself a pat on the BACK! Is there something you really want that you will do and work as hard as you can to achieve?

My BOYS are my reason WHY and my goals we have written together so they understand why I do what I do and what reward will be at the end.

I only watch TV once a week for an hour and that’s The Voice as I love William and love to see people grow and become these artists in front of us. NO I cannot sing in case you were wondering well that’s what my husband tells me.

With GOALS and my goal board I break everything down, I like to measure how far I have left, how much I have to do and I work smart to get there. I love coaching this to others when I start to help them build a business. It’s the foundation to every planning I do.

So FAMILY TIME, where do we fit it in?

I make sure my family time is quality time, NO PHONES box is used. We switch off phones, eat great food (I LOVE to cook), talk and share our days and weeks events. I miss my children talking to me so NO PHONES box was introduced and its my cleverest idea to date. I find myself like the NEW techno teenagers where I very often have my head in my phone. If not a phone a laptop or IPAD and see so many other families when out for dinner or shopping with their heads in their devices, like robots and I find it quite sad. So my TOP tip to you would be to introduce a time in the week where you just sit, talk, put them down and have quality time together.

Enjoy everyday and those you surround yourself with. Make time for your loved ones and TICK off that TO DO list with only 6 things on at any one time.

It works for me and I hope it will work for you!

Nic x