A wife and a mum to two beautiful children, Joshua and Iwan….


I became a mum when I was 19. Young? Yes. It fuelled me, gave me a burning desire to become an entrepreneur so that I could work less hours for more pay. I wanted to prove that even though I was a teenage parent, I was going to be the best role model and teenage parent anyone had seen.

I wanted to inspire my son and I knew how to do it.

My working life started at the age of 16 in the fitness industry. On my 18th birthday I taught my very first fitness class. WHY? I had researched the hourly rate of pay £20-£30 per hour. I quickly realised that working 10 – 15hrs a week would give me an average full time wage.

Yes I was fit, healthy, had a huge passion for fitness and helping others, a work ethic like no other but i knew there must be an even smarter way of working.

They say a true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. Well I’m certainly that. Over the years I have built businesses in the health & wellness, fitness and party-plan industry.

Launching Bonnie and Pearl a global Doll brand in 2013 with my business partner Lisa Bridgeman was my childhood dream come true. Bonnie and Pearl is set to be the most recognised British Doll brand in the world.

Being my own boss and working when I want and from where I want, having financial freedom and family time is something very important to me.

In April 2014 I came across a global business opportunity that has fulfilled every business and family need we could ever want. An investment of £199.75 has given me more than 6 times my full time director wage, all expenses paid global 5* travel, full university fee’s for our son Joshua and so much more.

Like any business I have ever started, I treated it seriously, I saw the potential to earn a 6 figure income working very flexibly around my full time dream role with Bonnie and Pearl.

A willable income for my children and for them to will to their children and so on. A real legacy.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. My life experiences, the businesses I have created and opportunities I’ve grasped ~ all meant to be. It’s taken sheer hard work and determination to get to where I am today and I’ll never stop aspiring to be the best version of ‘me’.

The future is going to be filled of time with loved ones creating the memories I dreamt of and helping others to do exactly the same.


Nicola Evans is probably best known for her success with the prestigious doll company, Bonnie & Pearl where she is the co-founder and director. Alongside her other businesses Nicola has also been running an extremely successful Network Marketing Business.

Her rewarding network marketing business has given Nicola the financial freedom to pursue her other entrepreneurial ambitions and has given her the confidence to follow her dreams.

With an insightful knowledge of her specialist field, Nicola is a experienced and sought-after public speaker. Motivating and inspiring audiences from all over the world with her business know-how and passion. Some of the topics she specialises in are:

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Women in Business Events
  • Juggling Business & Family Life
  • Manufacturing and Trademarking
  • Marketing
  • Business Inception & Development
  • Network Marketing
  • Motivation
  • Business Transformation
  • Retail
  • Business Start-ups